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Inspired by music of different origin and raised on

classical music, African rythms, 60's soul and funk, 70's disco and 80's pop his goal is to emulate and to inspire as he has been inspired by great musicians such as Prince, Marvin Gaye, James Brown,Stevie Wonder,Michael Jackson and Bob Marley to name a few. To share the gift of music, dance and melody with all.


He began writing his own songs when he was 12 using the art of beatbox to create the melodies .His love for soul, jazz, rock, progressive dance and pop can be found as elements in his own creations. Past collaborations include work with Jeroen Verhaeg, know for his work with Ritmo Intacto(Cafe Del Mar) and

George Konings another well known producer who has worked with the top of

the Dutch music industry with whom he released the hit songs ‘’Bwithme’’ and  ‘’So fine’’, both written and composed by AJ. Televisor,…they have been signed by Monstercat and have gained a massive following and success in 2012 with 3 major songs of which 2 were written and sung by Andy. Besides that he has been signed with Midnight Moods records and has released the track ‘’Themotion’’ with EDDR. At the moment AJ has just released the song ‘’Goodlife’’, an uptempo groovy dance track and there is more to come later this year.

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